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Twice Treasured Consignment Boutique



Some businesses are born out of careful planning and market analysis. Twice Treasured Consignment Boutique was born out of an entrepreneur’s interests and passions. Owner Marlo Hall has been an avid shopper for years. Marlo decided to turn her hobby into a business and team up with Marcellus Turner. A Detroit native whose fashion sense has always been his creative way of expression. After being in retail for 25 years Marcellus much like Marlo's passion for fashion has turned him into an entrepreneur. 


 Twice Treasured Consignment Boutique Offers:

 Men & Women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Business Niche:

Providing quality products at great prices.

“We are selective about the items we consign and other gently loved items we sell. We take our time to inspect the items ensuring we provide a quality product. We cater to a variety of shoppers budgets and offer discounts to reward shoppers who take advantage of the deals and shop more!”


How Twice Treasured Consignment Boutique Got Started:

Shopping has been a passion for 20 plus years, especially consignment, thrift, boutique, estate and garage sales. We decided to turn the walk in closets filled with clothing organized by the color, shoes stacked to the ceiling by type and accessories in their own little cubby into a business. 


Biggest Risk:

Jumping into business, Hall explains, “The biggest risk that I’ve taken thus far was divorcing corporate America and stepping out on the faith of God to make this dream a successful reality!”


Lesson Learned:

Don’t put off your dreams.

Marlo says, “I probably would have started the business when I wrote the initial plan 17 years ago! Had I started all those years ago it would be so much further. However, everything has its reason and season. Teaming up with someone that shares your vision is a blessing! We're happy to be in our season.”


Personal Shopping:

 “Our customers make what we do well worth it.  Dressing them for their birthday, church banquets, holiday party or even a night out on the town always gets rave reviews. Give us a call if you have a special request and are looking for something specific we can be of service. Although shopping online is convenient we stand apart in providing that personal shopping experience.

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